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Bagged Design Consultancy Services for four bridge in mumbai area for Municipal…


Quality Assurance and Supervision Services for Bhopal Sheore By-pass Project, Bhopal

The project consists of consultancy services for quality control and supervision of widening of existing road / construction of new roads.  The total length of the proposed road is about 80 Km…….

PMC & Proof Checking Consultancy for fly-over at Golden eyes Junction, Thane.

This is a 6 lane fly-over on NH3 at Golden Dyes Junction, Thane.  The length of the fly-over was 831 m. consisting of 30 spans of 18 m. (av.).  The girders were pre-tensioned and precast……

Reconstruction of Wankhede Stadium

The project involves reconstruction of North and South Stand and Rehabilitation of East and West Stand of the Stadium. The approximate seating capacity of the stadium is 33,023 Nos and approximate area is 499680 sq.ft.

Permanent Residential Tenement for Rehabilitation of Project Effected House Hold

The project consists of 7 storied 1 No. building of 182 no. tenements and Ground + 10 storied 1 No. building of 117 No. tenements. The total built-up area is about 9043.78 Sq.m.

Breweries Plant at Aurangabad

Aurangabad Breweries Ltd.

Expansion work

New facility was provided with crane capacities of 100 T at a height of about 25 m.  This had RC foundation and pedestal and structural steel superstructure.

Independent Review & Monitoring of Projects under JNNURM in all cities of Gujarat

GUDM appointed us as their 3rd Party Independent Review Monitoring Agency in April 2009 for a maximum period of 3 years. The Independent Review and Monitoring Agency (IRMA) to review and monitor all projects sanctioned under Sub-Mission I of JNNURM…

Repairs & Rehabilitation of Pharmacy College at Worli.

The above building is ground + 7 building housing educational institute.  Major repairs were carried out on the above building.

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